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Canada Happy Ramadan Kareem 3rd Ashra Wishes Messages And Dua 2019

Find out the best collection of Canada Happy Ramadan Kareem 3rd Ashra Wishes Messages And Dua 2019 on Canada Events Gala. You can even find out the other happy Ramadan Kareem greeting messages related web posts like Canada Ramadan 1st Ashra Wishes Messages 2019 and Canada Happy 2nd Ashra of Ramadan Wishes Messages 2019.

Canada Ramadan 3rd Ashra Wishes Messages

Canada Happy Ramadan Kareem 3rd Ashra Wishes Messages And Dua 2019:

Ramadan is blessing of Allah
And now it’s on the way
Way of end now
Happy 3rd Ashra of Ramadan!

Ashra of forgiveness is here
And become blessing for us
From our Allah and from all sins
Take benefit of it and ask forgiveness

Ramadan 3rd Ashra has started
This Ashra has 5 full odd nights
And full of blessings of Allah!
Ramadan 3rd Ashra Mubarak!!!

Ramadan Is Name of Blessing
It’s Name of Love and Care
It’s Name of Dua
So Make Your Prayers
And Remember Me in Your Prayers
As The Meeting Last Year
And Register For The Month Of Ramadan This Year,
I Would to say Happy Ramadan & Happy 3rd Ashra of Ramadan!

Ramadan 3rd Ashra Dua:
“Allahumma Ajirni Minan Naar”
“O Allah! Spare me from the Hell – Fire.”

Dua for 3rd Ashra (10 days) of Ramadan in Urdu:
اے اللہ! مجھے آگ کے عذاب سے بچا لے۔

Dua for 3rd Ashra In Arabic:
Ramadan 3rd Ashra Dua

Pray at night (Ramadan) sincere faith and hoping for a
reward from God, then you will be forgiven his previous sins.

Wish for blessing and wish for a lot of love for your life in this lovely month and its time to say goodbye to this month

Life gave me this precious month and I was unable to utilize this month completely So, I wish, I could get that month again in my life and time to say goodbye to Ramadan

3rd Ashra of Ramadan gives a night,
which is better than a thousand months, as God said …
Night of Power is better than a thousand months.

Last Ashra mean full of forgiveness and blessings of Allah
and happiness of Eid

May the festival of lights be the harbinger
of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of
Ramadan is here and the atmosphere is
filled with the spirit of mirth and love,
here is hoping this festival of beauty brings
your way, bright sparkles of contentment,
that stay with you through the days ahead.
My Best wishes for u on Ramadan.
Ramadan 3rd Ashra Mubarak!

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:
“It (Ramadan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle forgiveness and its end emancipation from the fire (of hell)”.

May Ramadan come again and again in your life because of these are the last day of Ramadan so wish for best and pray for best.

Oh, Allah! Please forgive me for my all worst deeds and let my heart stay on good deeds. Goodbye Dear Ramadan, please come back soon in my life

Everyone has special month of his life and my most loved month is Ramadan and most of Muslim’s special month because it is the month of blessings and this month is going from my life and time to say goodbye to this month

3rd Ashra of Ramadan is about asking Allah that May he forgive you and your loved ones. Also, pray for me too in this Holy Month of Ramadan.

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