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When Is Labor Day Celebrated In Canada 2018

Labor Day is celebrated in almost all countries of the world. Most of the countries celebrate this day in the month of May but this day is celebrated in Canada in the month of September. Every year on the very first Monday of September Canada celebrates a statutory national holiday which is known as Canada Labor Day.  The main reason to keep the Labor Day date in September is that the USA also celebrates this day on the same month.  This day gives chance to workers for better campaign about their pay and working environment. This day is also part of a long weekend in Canada.

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day In Canada 2018:

What Do People Do On Labor Day In Canada?

The Labor day was traditionally an occasion for workers’ rights during parades and picnics which were organized by trade unions. These still play a role in Canadian society on the occasion of Labor Day.  Now many people love to celebrate the first Monday in September as an opportunity of Labour Day weekend. They love to make plans for summer trips, picnics with family or fiends, fairs, festivals and fireworks displays. The Labor Day Weekend also gives last chance of celebrations for teenagers and other students before school re-opening.

Many Canadian football fans love to spend a large part of the weekend in watching the Labour Day Classic matches which consist on three games. These games are played between the high ranking teams. The two matches are played on Labour Day while the one match is played before Labor Day.

Labour Day In Canada

Public Life On Labor Day In Canada:

On the occasion of Labor Day the Post offices, many businesses, and many organizations are closed. Schools and other educational institutions are also closed. Public transport services also reduce their schedule or “Sunday” service. Other transport services may not run. There may be some traffic issues during parades, particularly in Toronto. There may be rush on highways and airports as people return from trips and long weekend holidays.

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How is Labor Day celebrated in Canada?

On the occasion of Labor Day in Canada the Labor Day Classic event is organized. Also Labor Day parades and picnics are organized by labour unions. Many Canadians people simply regard the Labor Day as  a day for hard workers and for as the last long summer weekend Monday. Most of the Families with their children plan for some travel before the end of summer holidays. Some teenagers and young adults celebrate the last summer weekend parties before starting their new academic year.

History of Canadian Labour Day:

The Labour Day is known as “Fête du Travail” in French has an old history. In the year 1872 a parade was staged in the favour of the Toronto Typographical Union’s strike. The main purpose of this parade was to release the jailed leaders of the union and to reduce the weekly working hours and for other labour rights. Trade unions were considered illegal at that time and also striking was a crime. But the Toronto Trades Assembly continued its efforts and soon the authorities compel to accept the role of trade unions after enormous public support.

Same kind of parade was organized and passed the house of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John Macdonald in Ottawa city after a few months later. The prime minister promised to revise all Canadian laws which were against the trade unions. This happened in the year 1883. In olden times the Labour Day was celebrated in the spring season but it was moved to the fall season after 1894.

Labor Day Observances In Canada:

Date Day Year Event  Type
September 3 Monday 2018 Labour Day National Holiday
September 2  Monday 2019 Labour Day National Holiday
September 7  Monday 2020 Labour Day National Holiday

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