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In the month of July, the people of Montreal city celebrate the Just For Laughs Festival. This is an annual festival held in July in Montreal, Canada every year. This is a full-time comedy festival. It is also a largest international comedy festival. Each year the national and international comedians participate in this festival and amuse people in their own style. This festival starts the second week of July and continues till the end of July. This festival consists of free and paid shows. Each year Montreal earns a lot of money from this festival. In the French language, this festival is known as “Juste pour rire”.

Montreal Just For Laughs Festival

Montreal Just For Laughs Festival History :

This festival is founded by Gilbert Rozon (Canadian Impresario) in 1983. Initially, it was a two-day French language event but after joining Andy Nulman the duration of this festival increased to a full month. He introduced English language events in this festival. He divided this festival into two parts, the first half part of the festival was fixed for  French-speaking performers and the other half part was for English speaking performers.

Montreal Just For Laughs

In the year 1999, Nulman decided to left the festival’s full-time employ. He continued to direct some of its major Gala Shows on the occasion of the festival.  He became the president of Just for Laughs festival in July 2010. The popularity of this festival was increasing day by day and each day both vocal and visual performances was increasing. Also, the nightclubs and live theatres supported the performers. This festival also attracts many people related to different walk of life and from the entertainment industry to show their talent. Comedy film festival became a component of the Just for Laughs festival in 1996 which became a cause of awards for short and feature films.

Gilbert Rozon (who was the founder and president of Just for Laughs festival) resigned from his position on 18th Oct 2017 and announced about the sale of the festival. Later this festival was acquired by a partnership. This partnership was between US and Canadian comedian Howie Mandel. Even after the purchase of this festival, it was decided that this festival would be based in Montreal Canada. On 7th June 2018, Bell Canada and Groupe CH acquired the Just for Laughs festival ownership rights. This festival has also branded recognition on TV programs. This festival is also aired on different Canadian TV channels.

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