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Learn about the Canada Events Gala. Canada is a neighboring country of USA and it is situated on the northern side of North America. It has 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is the 2nd largest country in the world by total area. It has world’s longest bi-national land border with the United States. Canada’s climate is severely cold but some areas are warm in summer. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa, with largest metropolitan areas of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Canada is the highly urbanized country with 82 percent of the 35.15 million people who live in large and medium-sized cities near the US border. Canada has more land than its population, the majority of the country’s land is covered by forest and the Rocky Mountains. Canada has a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional system. Canada is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural country. It is also called the country of immigrants. It has world’s largest 10th advanced economy. Canada is considered in one of the developed countries of the world. It has highest ranking in the Human Development Index. It has high ranks among the international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world.

Canada Events Gala

The Ethnicity of Canada:

Canada has the wide range of ethnicity and divided into the followings:

Canadian English French Irish
North American Indian Norwegian Italian Chinese
Indian (from India) Ukrainian Dutch Polish
First Nations Métis Greek Swedish
Scottish Spanish Jewish Danish
Portuguese Russian Welsh Filipino
British Isles Jamaican American German

Religions In Canada:

Canada has a wide range of beliefs and customs in religious matter. There is no official church in Canada and the freedom of religion is constitutionally protected. Canadian constitution gives the right of worship without limitation or interference to every person who lives in Canada. According to the census report, the division of religions in Canada is as follows:

  • Christians: 67.3%
  • Roman Catholics: 38.7%
  • Protestants: approximately 27%
  • Anglicans: 5.0%
  • Baptists: 1.9%.
  • Islam: 3.2%
  • Hinduism: 1.5%

Languages of Canada:

  • According to the census report, nearly 98% of Canadians speak English and French.
  • English
  • French

Most common non-official languages are:

  • Chinese Cantonese
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian

Official Symbols of Canada:

  • The Beaver
  • The Coat of Arms
  • The Motto
  • Maple Leaf Tartan
  • Maple Tree:
  • National Anthem: “O Canada”
  • National Flag
  • National Horse
  • National Sports: Ice Hockey
  • National Colours: Red and white

Explore Canada Events Gala By Events:

Canada is a beautiful land of lakes, mountains and extreme scenic beauty. However, what adds most to the true flavor of this gorgeous country is the events and festivals that take place over there all year round. The reason many tourists go to Canada in different seasons is to get a glimpse of the beauty of the natural Canadian landscape as well as the whole festivity that takes place in these beautiful pieces of the lane. Here are some of the most famous and most attended events that are planned for the next year in Canada that is sure to steal your breath away.

  • Happy New Year In Canada: Happy New Year in Canada is a colorful event. The fireworks and lights fill the sky with full of colors after the 12:00 Am. Canadian people celebrate this event with full enthusiasm and passion. New Year in Canada is full of the lifetime despite the temperatures being too low on the 1st of January. There is an amazing light show that takes place on the CN tower in Toronto which is the most famous. There are many New Year parties and music shows arranged on this event. So be ready and plan your trip to celebrate this event in Canada with the Canadian nation.
  • Toronto International Boat Show: This is undoubtedly one of the top most adventurous and fun events of the starting winter months. Some of the features of this show are world’s largest indoor lake for boaters, more than 250 informative boating seminars and things like interactive sessions with animals like Twiggy the water board squirrel etc. your kids would love to go here.
  • Igloo Fest, Montreal: If you are a lover of outdoor electronic music, this is surely going to be a paradise for you. This event takes place every year in the old port of Montreal, a French-speaking region of Canada and is host to many music lovers every year. Famous names like Diplo have performed here.
  • Toronto Tea Festival: Toronto tea fest, is for all those classy people out there who love tea more than anything else. This is where you can buy and taste all kinds of tea from the world. Also, many tea accessories are available at this festival. Here also informative sessions regarding tea take place.
  • Canadian Culinary Championships: One of the most famous championships in the world of culinary art and food business is the Canadian Culinary Championship. 11 chefs compete in three mega-events to bring out the best of the best i.e. the champion of the Canadian culinary world.
  • Yukon Quest- International Dog Race: Yukon Quest is the perfect Canadian sport as the sled dog race is ideal for the climate and habitat of Canadian mountains and the Huskies there. It will take place in Dawson City in the month of February, so get going!
  • Valentine’s Day in Canada: Valentine’s Day in Canada is celebrated in pretty much the same way as it is in other parts of the world. The most hype of this day is amongst young couples who want to think of new ideas that are out of the box. It falls on the 14th of February every year.
  • The Montreal Hunting, Fishing and Camping Show: This show is ultimate heaven for all those who are interested in buying gear for the activities like hunting, fishing, and camping. Not just the retail of gear but also information in how and when to do it amongst other things are done on this famous expo.
  • Mother Language Day Canada: This day is a great initiative by the Canadian parliament as on this day, all across Canada the diversity of multilingualism is celebrated and people from all walks of life attend it.
  • Restaurants Canada Show: This is Canada’s largest food service event in which you can get authentic cuisines from all over the world, Canadian food and learn how to make it also. Professionals from the culinary business are always a part of this show every year.
  • Cabane Panache ET Bois Rond: This is the festival of ultimate gastronomic experience where people eat, dance, drink and learns to be merry. It will be taking place from the 1st to 3rd March.
  • Juno Awards: These are the awards held specifically to recognize the pure Canadian music talent. This year they will be held in British Columbia. Many young people attend these awards every year.
  • Western Canada Fashion Week: a great event that promotes the unity pf fashion designers, bloggers, beauty specialists etc. to create a platform for young people to learn and appreciate the art of looking good. It will take place in Edmonton this year.
  • Canadian Tulip Festival: If you are into gardening, especially flowers then this is where you need to be each month of May each year. The season is beautiful for tulips around that time and tulips that look and smell gorgeous are exhibited at this festival.
  • Mother’s Day in Canada: In Canada, it will be celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. This event provides the beautiful time to express your love to mothers through buying them something special. Great sales also take place at that time.
  • Ramadan in Canada: Ramadan in Canada is taken very respectfully as in any Muslim country owing to the heavy Muslim population that resides in Canada. Special discounts on places like Walmart are also offered around this time.
  • Victoria Day in Canada: In order to honor the birthday of the once monarch of Canada Queen Victoria, Victoria Day is celebrated in all parts of the country. It is a general holiday across the board. It is celebrated in the month of May every year and this event is also known as May long weekend.
  • National Patriot’s Day in Canada: National Patriots’ Day in Canada is celebrated in Quebec State in honor of the rebellion against the British in 1837. On this event, there is a statutory holiday in Québec. It also falls on the Monday before May 25 each year. This event coincides with Victoria Day, each year.
  • Table of Hope: It is a very high end almost luxury food festival in which food critics from places like France come. It is, however, open to everyone despite having higher rates than normal food festivals. The basic purpose of this festival is to raise funds for school children. In this festival, Canada’s most famous restaurants participate and prepare delicious dishes. This festival held in Montreal in the month of May every year.
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix DU Canada: For all those who love cars and races, this is some excellent news as Formula Grand Prix is taking place in Montreal this year. It is a massive event for all those who love automobiles and would love to attend this mega event.
  • Eid Al-Fitr In Canada: It will be a Muslim holiday marking the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
  • Father’s Day In Canada: It is celebrated in much the same fashion as the Mother’s Day. It falls on the third Sunday of June each year.
  • Toronto Pride Festival: In order to support and celebrate diversity on reference to the LGBTQ community of Canada, this event is held where thousands of people join in on a friendly march each year.
  • Montreal International Jazz Festival: If you are a jazz lover, this is where you need to be on as this is when jazz musicians from all across the world will come and portray their musical talents.
  • International Fireworks competition: First began in 1985 is a really famous fireworks competition in which people from all across the globe come and watch these amazing and magical fireworks.
  • Canada Day: Canada Day marks the 150 years of Canada’s birth. On this day. Thousands of festivals, events and activities take place all across Canada. This is surely one of the most prime times to be in Canada. This event is celebrated on 1st July each year.
  • Calgary Stampede: it is a multi-show sort of festival, however, the biggest event to take place in it is the annual rodeo that the Canadians love. Events such as baby show etc., are also followed by this major rodeo taking place in Calgary.
  • Just for Laughs Festival: If you are into jokes and being all smiles then this is going to be the ultimate place of laughter therapy for you. Get your bags packed for the annual just for laughs festival in Canada next year.
  • Eid Al-Adha In Canada: It is the second holiday of the year that specifically Muslims living in Canada celebrate marking the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham. It celebrates after performing pilgrimage each year.
  • Toronto Caribbean Carnival: If you are a true foodie and dance lover this is where you need to be in August next year. Canada hosts the biggest dance and food festival commonly called the Caribbean every year which is especially famous and loved amongst youngsters.
  • Taste of the Danforth: Turns out the Canadians love food as much as their neighbors meaning that they host a food and drinks festival every year in which flavors from Chicago, Illinois are the most favorite in the menu.
  • Montreal Pride Celebrations: Once again in just one year, Montreal celebrates the beauty of diversity through organizing fun fairs, activities, and events regarding the rights of the LGBT community. It is an extremely happy event.
  • Hajj or Pilgrimage: It is that time of the year when the Muslims go and come back from the annual holy pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is a great time if happiness and religious respect for all those who have performed Hajj and come back to their homes.
  • Salt and Smoke Festival: A specific event just to honor the food typically BBQ is what the entire idea of this festival is. All those who are meat lovers would surely enjoy here. Southern food is promoted and old out big here.
  • Vancouver International Film Festival: It is one of the biggest events to take place in Canada regarding the movie industry of the country, not just Canadians but movie makers and actors from all across the globe come to attend this festival.
  • Montreal Model Train Exposition: if you are into trains and miniatures then this is where you need to visit next year. Trains, railways, and models of them are presented in a very artistic fashion for young ones and adults too.
  • Nuit Blanche Toronto: On the 30th of September you can experience true art on the streets and everywhere in Toronto and the artists take on the mission to redefine the city in a very artistic manner.
  • Canada Labor Day: It is a general holiday which is observed to pay respects to the labor class of the country. This is celebrated very much like in other parts of the world.
  • Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival: This is going to be ultimate learning and fun for all those who are in love with traveling to islands and love having seafood. There is a variety of seafood being sold and available at this festival with many other events to add to the fun.
  • Western Canada Fashion Week: Young girls would find this event to be of extreme fun and frolic as this year, it takes place in various cities in Canada each year. Designers from all across take part in this festival.
  • Canada Thanksgiving: A religious holiday for all those who thank God for all the blessings around them is being celebrated in Canada like every year. It is a typical family holiday and family members tend to stay together at home.
  • St John’s International Women’s Film Festival: One of the most enlightening festivals to take place in the world is this one. Films written, directed, produced etc. by only women are screened here and is a big name in the film festival world.
  • International Festival of Authors: For all literature students and lovers out there now is your time to get ready for this amazing authors festival in Canada to learn about their way of writing and new books coming to town.
  • Halloween In Canada: Just like any other Halloween, Canadians love trick or treating as well as hosting charity events on the spookiest event of the year.
  • Canada Thanksgiving Day: This is the second time the Canadians celebrate this holiday and this time it is typically done the Canadian way. Sometimes people throw big thanksgiving bashes.
  • 43rd Canadian Federal Election: Election time is super important in any country and it will be too for Canada on the 21st of October.
  • Royal Agricultural Winter Fair: If you have a farm or are into growing agricultural business this is going to be a place of great information for you. For entertainment and information, many expos and activities like the horse show are organized on it.
  • BC Cancer Foundation Inspiration Gala: Canadians are big in social work which is why to create awareness and donations for the Cancer patients in the region, Cancer foundation Inspiration gala is held every year.
  • Hockey Hall of Fame: All the hockey lovers out there, do visit the hockey hall of fame to meet and greet national and international famous ice hockey players this place also offers great sports history too.
  • Remembrance Day: Like other Commonwealth nations, Canada also celebrates the Remembrance Day each year. This is done to honor all those who lost their lives while fighting for the country in the World War.
  • Winter Festival of Lights: It is the biggest festival held in mid-November to showcase natural as well as artificial lights in the most dramatic manner. Millions of people come and witness this every year.
  • The Santa Claus Parade: this is the most fun part of the winter season as these parades are held every year in Canada to mark the beginning of Christmas season. This is an excellent opportunity for you to take your family to the Santa Claus Parade being held in Toronto.
  • 105th Grey Cup Festival: It is the biggest football game to be played in the country and last year it took place in Ottawa. This time around again the city will host thousands of football fans and will be a great event in Canada.
  • Black Friday In Canada: The biggest annual sale of the next season will be taking place in Canada so start saving from now on so that you do not miss out on any of the places you want to shop from.
  • Teddy Bear Affair: It is Canada’s biggest charity event and the revenue generated through it is massive every year.
  • Cavalcade of Lights: At the Nathan Philips Square in Toronto, the biggest Christmas celebration take place along with the lighting up of a Christmas tree. Do not forget to visit the place during the festival days.
  • Cyber Monday Canada: For all, you gadget and gizmo lovers out there, do not forget to get your laptops in hand to buy the best gadgets at very low rates on the Cyber Monday event. You might just get very lucky.
  • BC Cancer Foundation Jingle Mingle: This is a great charitable event and a wonderful opportunity for Canadian people to help others through charity. Play your part as a Canadian and be amongst the management and donors of this yearly event.
  • Canada Christmas: Just like Christmas all over the world, this is the best time to be in Canada for people from all walks of life, all ages and all countries. Plan a trip near the 25th of December.

Canada Events

List of Canadian Festivals and Events 2018 / 2019:

Event Name Event City/Country Event Date
New Year In Canada Canada 1-Jan-2019
Toronto International Boat Show Toronto 12 to 21 Jan 2019
Igloofest, Montreal Montreal 12 Jan to 4 Feb 2019
Toronto Tea Festival 2018 Toronto 28 to 29 Jan 2019
Canadian Culinary Championships Canada 2 to 3 Feb 2019
Yukon Quest International Dog Race Dawson City 3-Feb-2019
Canada Valentine’s Day Canada 14-Feb-2019
The Montreal Hunting, Fishing and Camping Show Montréal 15 Feb 2019 to 18 Feb 2019
Mother Language Day Canada Canada 21-Feb-2019
Restaurants Canada Show Canada 25 to 27 Feb 2019
Cabane Panache et Bois Rond Canada 1 to 31 Mar 2019
Nuit Blanche Montreal Montreal 3-March-2019
Canada Juno Awards of 2018 Vancouver 4 to 25 Mar 2019
Western Canada Fashion Week Edmonton 22 to 31 Mar 2019
Canadian Tulip Festival Canadian 11 to 21 May 2019
Mother’s Day In Canada Canada 12-May-2019
Ramadan In Canada Canada 17-May-2018
Victoria Day In Canada Canada 21-May-2019
Table of Hope Montreal 7th-May-2019
Formula 1 Grand PRIX DU Canada 2018 Montreal 7 to 10 Jun 2018
Eid Al Fitr In Canada Canada 16-Jun-2018
Father’s Day In Canada Canada 17-Jun-2018
Toronto Pride Toronto 23 to 25 Jun 2018
Montreal International Jazz Festival Montreal 28-Jun-2018
International Fireworks Competition Montreal 1 Jul to 5 Aug 2018
Canada Day Canada 1-Jul-2018
Calgary Stampede Calgary 6 to 15 Jul 2018
Just For Laughs Festival Montreal 14 to 30 Jul 2018
Eid Al Adha In Canada Canada 21 to 25 Aug 2018
Toronto Caribbean Carnival Toronto 2 to 6 Aug 2018
Taste of the Danforth Toronto 11 to 13 Aug 2018
Montreal Pride Celebrations Montreal 11 to 20 Aug 2018
Hajj Canada 19-Aug-2018
Salt & Smoke Festival 2018 Tremblant 25-Aug-2018
Vancouver International Film Festival Vancouver 28 to 13 Oct 2018
Montreal Model Train Exposition Montreal 30 to 1 Oct 2018
Canada Labor Day Canada 3-Sep-2018
Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival Charlottetown 14 to 17 Sep 2018
Western Canada Fashion Week Edmonton 20 to 29 Sep 2018
International Festival of Authors Toronto Oct 2018
Canada Thanksgiving Day Canada 8-Oct-2018
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival Vancouver 18 to 22 Oct 2018
Halloween In Canada Canada 31-Oct-2018
The 43rd Canadian federal election Canada 21-Oct-2019
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto 3 to 12 Nov 2018
BC Cancer Foundation Inspiration Gala Vancouver 4-Nov-2018
Hockey Hall of Fame Toronto, Ontario 10 to 13 Nov 2018
Canada Remembrance Day Canada 11-Nov-2018
Winter Festival of Lights Ontario 18 Nov 2018 to 31 Jan 2018
The Santa Claus Parade Toronto, Ontario 19-Nov-2018
The 105th Grey Cup Festival Ottawa 21 to 26 Nov 2018
Black Friday In Canada Canada 24-Nov-2018
Teddy Bear Affair Toronto 25-Nov-2018
Cavalcade of Lights Toronto, Ontario 25-Nov-2018
Cyber Monday Canada Canada 27-Nov-2018
BC Cancer Foundation Jingle Mingle Vancouver 30-Nov-2018
Christmas In Canada Canada 25-Dec-2018


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